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About Us

How it all started

Chris Berg is a native Minnesotan who since college has resided in Arizona where he runs a successful moving business.

Troy Hradsky is a native Minnesotan who after his tour in the Marine Corps returned home to the family farm to raise his children and start a career in sales and marketing.

Chris and Troy met in 2012, on a mutual family and friend archery elk hunt in Montana.  By chance they were paired up as a team to hunt and, quickly learned that each had a lot in common with regards to where and how they were raised.

They too soon realized that they both had the same vision when it came to hunting goals, conservation goals, a vision to give back to veterans and, the importance of getting not only their kids involved in the outdoors but other kids as well.  It’s these core visions, and their vision of innovation of outdoor products coupled with the mutual trials and tribulations of life that formed what today is the Brotherhood.

Since it all began in Montana, the areas they typically hunt are rugged and remote and would be best but never are accessed via being dropped in by helicopter and both Chris and Troy are well covered with Ink the name Montana Dropped Ink seemed fitting.

Both Chris and Troy would like to thank you for visiting their website and following them on social media.  They hope that their innovation of products, product testing, hunt information and their adventures help provide everyone with a better hunting experience.

MDI is a Brotherhood of hunters, outdoorsmen and conservationists focused on youth education and, giving back to all veterans through hunting adventures. Through the documentation of our hunts and adventures our goal is to help other hunters and outdoorsmen and women better their hunting experiences through our testing and review of outdoor products and hunting gear.

  • Bravery:

    Giving thanks and back to all our military

  • Relationships:

    What started it all we will continue to grow.

  • Original

    Be original

  • Thankful:

    For our struggles, because without them we would not have found our strengths.

  • Happiness:

    Love is when the other persons happiness is more important than your own

  • Exceptional:

    Be exceptional everyday in all that we do and that we are.

  • Respect:

    Bring respect in all that we do and for the land and animals we hunt.

  • Hardwork:

    Goals and Dreams are not achieved thru magic, it takes hard work, sweat and determination.

  • Open

    Open to honesty, open to ideas, open minds are creative minds.

  • Outdoors:

    Get Outdoors.

  • Determination:

    We can and we will.

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