How it all came to be.

Montana Dropped Ink was founded and the logo trademarked in 2016 by Chris Berg and Troy Hradsky after many inquiries by strangers about the apparel Chris, Troy, their family and friends were wearing but the story of the company is much more than that.

Both Chris and Troy are native born Minnesotans, Troy still resides there on the family farm Chris now resides in Arizona. Though they did not grow up together and they both took different paths in life Troy a 4 year tour in the Marine Corps after high school and Chris college then off to Arizona to start his career, they both were raised in rural modest settings growing up hunting with their families and it is through family that they met for the first time. By chance Troy was invited on the first annual Berg family archery elk hunt 5 years ago where he and Chris met for the first time and a brotherhood was formed. As a gesture of his thankfulness, Troy had campfire hoodies made, though the logo was not as refined and the idea not as clear cut the passion for the brotherhood of hunting was there. This is where it got interesting and as often happens at hunting camp challenges get made. Being a crew with what some might consider an excessive amount of tattoos, the following year at elk camp most of the group showed up with fresh ink of the Montana Dropped Ink logo and Troy showed up with matching hats and vests for all. Each year the apparel evolved and it spread to other family members and friends.

Having careers that take both Troy and Chris on the road and through airports, lots of folks approached both guys about where their shirt, hat etc. came from and it is from these inquiries that our company took its roots. Though being an apparel company is great both of us wanted our website to be more than just that. We wanted it to be about the brotherhood of life, a passion for hunting and a tool for others to be able to get out and enjoy the millions of acres of public land out west by us passing on some of the secrets how to take on a DIY hunt.

Do we have all the answers? No. Do we fill our tags every year? No but, we always have a great time with friends and family and sometimes the best trophies are just those memories of that time spent in some of the most beautiful landscape on God’s green earth. Lastly, but most importantly, we both have to thank the good Lord for all that he has provided us with and, our wives and children for their patience, support, encouragement and love.

Thank you for stopping by our website, check out our apparel we hope you find something you like and, check out our posts and look us up on Facebook and Twitter. We will try and keep them updated and current with ideas we hope you all can use and stories and memories of success. Live Life, Hunt Hard, Chris and Troy